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verizon wireless Complaint - Verizon Wireless Crappy Customer Service - Verizon Wireless
verizon wireless Complaint

verizon wireless Complaint


Verizon Wireless Crappy Customer Service - Verizon Wireless

With Verizon, currently I have

*A month of service that I have been charged for TWICE
*Charges on my bill where they gave me a data line that I specifically asked to NOT have and NOT be charged for that they charged me for I don't know how many months and they won't refund all of the charges
*A phone that the microphone only partially works on when I make out going calls that I bought from them 20 days ago that they refuse to refund.
*15 years of service with Verizon Wireless where I paid my bill on time
*A google search for a new company to buy my cell phone service from

Details of Verizon's incompetence in the customer service area

Endless automated system loop where if you hit 0, the system hangs up on you.
I also tried calling the local store, who would just forward me to the same customer service line that liked to put you in an endless automated loop.

Hint, call a store and have them stay on the line with you until you actually get to a person at customer service. This only take 30 minutes or so.
I don't know how many phone calls that I made to customer service where I actually got to a person (instead of an automated system endless loop) where they promised to call me back and did not. One person actually called me back.
The first level customer service line that the first level customer service representative told me that he did not know his manager's name and could not get to a manager. He also told me that he did not have a manger. Which I, of course, really wonder about. I would think that a company as big as Verizon would have a few managment layers between the first level customer support and the CEO, Daniel S Mead.

It was only when I kept him on the phone for repeatedly giving him the same 3 choices, give me a refund, tell me you don't want me as a customer any more (hanging up on me would count towards that) or transferring me to his manager that he remembered his manager's name. But he refused to transfer me to his manager for the longest time. I am sure most people would have just hung up in frustration at this point. But those of you that know me, know that although I do not did in my heals often, when I do, I am unmovable.
* A call with a manager
****who was the highest one available at that time said there was no one else that could help me and how would I feel if someone called me from work when I was at home to ask me something--which I told him that it would feel like a normal day where I worked
****who said he could refund all of those things if we wanted to because he could refund anything he wanted to but was choosing not to refund me.
****who said Customer Retention refused to talk to me
****who hung up on me and by hang up he said something to the effect of "We value you as a customer but can not help you in this matter and hung up the phone"
****Sat on the phone with me for 20-30 minutes not saying anything....expect when I would ask him if he valued me as a customer...which he repeatedly said he did
****I did ask him about business models and cost of getting a new customer vs retaining an old customer and profit/loss and estimate of how much profit they had made off of me in the last 15 years and if I kept my current plan, how much profit they would expect to make out of me in the next 15 years. Then calculate the percentage the refund would be out of the 15 years of profit they already made out of me. You know, you basic business ROI analysis. .....No effect. This, of course, does not count all the potential lost profit that they would receive in the future from people that seek out the advice of their local tech geek (me) on who to go with and who to say away from on just about every technology topic out there
****I wonder what they CEO would think the their "Highest Customer Service Manager in the Building"'s math skills and customer retention capabilities. The last time I threatened to leave a cell phone company because of poor customer service was....well....15 years ago.

THE REALLY SAD PART: I have spoken to 4 people since 5:30 pm about this.
1 person just switched from Verizon because of their crappy customer service
1 person is waiting for their contract to expire in February to switch providers because of customer service

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